Top 2019 Restaurant Industry Trends

Restaurant Industry Trends

Restaurant Industry Trends For 2019

Like all industries, the restaurant industry trends change every year. We’ve put together our top 4 to give you perspective and help you grow your business effectively!

1. Managing Public Image

Companies with messages that seem purpose driven are statistically performing better. Authentic attempts to increase the quality of food, better treatment and payment of workers, or contributions to a cause has helped companies reputations and therefore sales. If you attempt to do this, make sure you follow through on any press you release. If you say you will only use local produce – only use local produce. Public image has become a large source of pride and also revenue for many restaurant chains – particularly if they are at the forefront of using non GMO foods or increasing starting wages for workers. Customers are more likely to support these socially aware companies due to the growing demand for socially conscious options in the market.

2. E-Commerce

It’s the digital age! Have options for your customers to order food online and get it delivered easily. Restaurant industry trends have included online ordering for awhile – but the demand is higher than ever. With the advent of online shopping allowing same day delivery, the increase of popularity when it comes to online grocery shopping, your customers will want your best food to come with delivery options. It’s important to investigate adding this option yourself NOW – or other third party systems can swoop in and make a profit from your business!
Your customers will want the quality of your food but in their own homes, so investigate e-commerce and delivery!
Your customers will want the quality of your food but in their own homes, so investigate e-commerce and delivery!

3. Vegetarian and Vegan Fare

Alternative proteins and vegan options are becoming bigger and bigger in the world of restaurant industry trends every year. The increase of consumers opting to remove meat from their diets – or in some cases all animal by products – has created a problem for the standard restaurant owner. As these groups have grown in popularity, many customers will opt to not eat at restaurants as there is no way to guarantee their dietary restrictions can be met. Including guaranteed options for vegans and vegetarians, and investigating options for alternative protein sources will open your business up to to a growing group of consumers. Getting on this trend early is preferable as you can then become a reliable source for your customers and encourage repeat business.

4. Automation

Robots are in. This one may sound a bit odd but things like burger flipping robots and pizza making robots have made the headlines for awhile. For the most part this level of automation can only work at the corporate level. The technology right now is simply too pricey and involved for the average restaurant owner unless there is an ability to make robotics part of that establishment’s novelty value. While this may not be a solution for most restaurants – the idea of automation is. Using data analytics to predict and update pricing charts as needed, as well as attract a specific customer base, is set to be a big restaurant industry trend for this year. Learning how to incorporate technology to cut down on workloads either in the restaurant or in the office is key to the survival of many businesses right. Be looking at new apps, software, online services, and ways to distribute food.

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