3 More Trends To Watch In Food Service

The food service industry is always changing

3 More Food Service Trends

Food service is a constantly growing and changing industry. Make sure you keep up with the times and stay on trend in today’s busy world! Here are three more trends to encourage customers to come back for more. Repeat customers are the bulk of your business, and if you offer them new experiences, they will keep returning! Attracting new customers is equally important and the best way to do that is with unique and exciting options!

1. Clean/green movements

More and more, people are interested in where their food came from, how it was produced, and are concerned about green shipping, packing, and even small details like utensil recycle-ability and straws. These movements are great for the environment – and also keep conscientious customers happy. Happy customers equals more sales! Make special note of anything that is made out of recycled materials, anything that is green, and items like farm to table food, and advertise. Advertising like this lets customers know that your brand shares their values and will increase your sales. Many eco-focused customers often feel they do not have a green place to eat, so this is the perfect way to be their best option. Relating to your customers on this level boosts their opinion and likelihood that they will choose you over other places.  Chain restaurants in particular can benefit from joining these movements and boost their customer loyalty.
Clean, healthy, and ethically sourced food is popular on the market
Clean, healthy, and ethically sourced food is popular on the market

2. Global influences

Observing regional and global influences, and mixing and matching unique tastes, flavors, and presentation will attract more sophisticated diners. People love exotic foods and trying new things!  Whether it’s a particular fruit, a way of cooking, or a type of beverage – your customers are looking for a thrill close to home. Doing interesting blends and fusions of ethnic foods, and presenting food in new ways influenced by other countries makes dining more exciting for consumers. Blend Indian and Mexican food, or maybe a Scandinavian dish with some Asian influences – the sky is the limit if you are willing to be creative! You can feature different global regions on special monthly menus, or even host heritage or cultural nights with local charities and interest groups .Independent restaurants may want to investigate this sort of trend as it may be easier to integrate new flavors into their menus. Making global food a priority ensures curious customers and booked tables.

3. Experiential Events

Diners are always looking for new and exciting ways to experience food. Whether it’s including them in the cooking experience, set menus, or other kinds of special galas – customers like to attend special one of a kind events. Some places close down to the general public for special ticketed events, which you can charge a premium price for! Hold events, use your function rooms if you have them as event space and partner with other local businesses to build unique one of a kind functions to attract repeat customers. Use the power of exclusivity to keep customers interested by using phrases like ‘Book early’ or ‘limited seating’. Holding cooking classes and demonstrations is another great way to attract a crowd – or even a wine or beer tasting! Extended hours and special nights of music, entertainment, and more are sure to make your restaurant a hit! Equipment for these kind of events can be found in our distributors database.
New blends of food and special events are great ways to attract customers
New blends of food and special events are great ways to attract customers
By staying on top of the trends in the food service industry, you can grow and keep a customer base and stay ahead of the competition. It’s important to note that trends can come and go or even change in an instant. So keep reading and researching to make sure you remain at the top of the market.  Foodservice Database Company can help you put all these ideas into action with our unique business database. It’s critical in today’s busy business world to offer unique things at your restaurant to ensure consistent business. Check out the rest of our site for more information!

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