4 Great Marketing Ideas For February

February marketing ideas

Marketing Ideas For February

Marketing Ideas: February is a great time of year for restaurants. Whether you are a high volume independent restaurant or a franchise – you need special marketing ideas to increase customer traffic. With so many holidays – and some national food days it’s easy to run special promotions and get more customers in the door. Here are a few days you use in your marketing campaigns!

Superbowl Feb 3

Everyone likes to celebrate the big game! Have specials on bar/pub food, beer, or other drinks specials. Sports games and appetizers go hand in hand – so encourage your guests with buy one get one deals. Or even a special platter of appetizers only available that day. Make sure you offer reservations if you are a bar with a TV in case your customers want to watch the game. For something like this be sure to use social media to reach as many customers as possible – this can help you attract new customers who are looking for somewhere to watch the game and enjoy a meal!

National Pizza Day Feb 9

Everyone loves pizza! The good news for restaurants is – it’s pretty cheap and easy to make! Marketing ideas involving special pizza prices, special toppings, or a free drink or dessert with a pizza purchase can fill your restaurant. Offer coupons for delivery or special delivery deals too! National pizza day is also a great day to offer special items like breakfast or dessert pizzas.

Valentines Day Feb 14

The most obvious of days to have special deals and marketing opportunities. Many restaurants have special set menus as this is one of the busiest day of the year. This saves you money while giving customers a quality and positive experience with regards to service and time.
Valentine's Day is a great day for specials and coupons for customers to encourage business
Valentine’s Day is a great day for specials and coupons for customers to encourage business
Heart shaped foods, chocolate drinks and desserts, and special 3 course meals can help boost your numbers too. For bars, run specials for singles to encourage more customers to come out who may feel they might not have a reason to. You can also offer coupons to your customers to come back for a free dessert or drink another time as a thank you for spending ‘the day’ with you. This encourages repeat business and for customers to return when you have a full menu available.

Tortilla Chip Day Feb 24

Another food day lets you be creative with marketing ideas. Offer special chips and salsa deals, or special meals that use tortilla chips. This is a great holiday for anyone running a tex-mex restaurant or place with pub grub. Have special kinds of nachos, competitions for customers to come up with chip and dip combinations, or even social media challenges to engage your audience with a bit of fun in the middle of winter.  

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