Database Field Name Short Description Example Data
Chain Restaurants Company Business Name  
Chain Restaurants Address Physical Address  
Chain Restaurants City Physical City  
Chain Restaurants State Physical State  
Chain Restaurants Zip Physical Zip  
Chain Restaurants Phone Phone Number  
Chain Restaurants Fax Fax Number  
Chain Restaurants Website Website  
Chain Restaurants Email Company Email  
Chain Restaurants Contact Name Contact Name  
Chain Restaurants Contact Title Contact Title  
Chain Restaurants Contact Email Contact Email  
Chain Restaurants Units Number of Units Owned  
Chain Restaurants FrFrom Number of Units Franchised From  
Chain Restaurants FrTo Number of Units Franchised To  
Chain Restaurants BusType Type of Business  
Chain Restaurants DBA Doing Business As Names  
Chain Restaurants Sales Annual Sales  
Chain Restaurants InstAcct Institutional Accounts Served  
Chain Restaurants DstrbCtr Distribution Centers  
Chain Restaurants HRests Number of Hotel Restaurant Units  
Chain Restaurants HSales Hotel Annual Sales  
Chain Restaurants TrdeArea Trading Area IL MI NY CA
Chain Restaurants Delivery Delivery Available? Yes/No
Chain Restaurants Takeout Takeout Available? Yes/No
Chain Restaurants Catering Catering Available? Yes/No
Chain Restaurants Banquet Has Banquet Facilities? Yes/No
Chain Restaurants POSEquip Point-of-Sale Equipment Used  
Chain Restaurants LiquorServed Type of Liquor Served Beer/Wine/Liquor
Chain Restaurants PctLiq Percentage of Annual Sales from Liquor  
Chain Restaurants SlfDstrb Self Distributing? Yes/No
Chain Restaurants PlnOpens Number of Planned Openings  
Chain Restaurants PlnRmdls Number of Planned Remodels  
Chain Restaurants PDistrib Primary Foodservice Distributor  
Chain Restaurants Year Year Established  
Chain Restaurants FoodType Type of Foodservice  
Chain Restaurants MenuType Type of Menu Served  
Chain Restaurants ParentCo Parent Company  
High-Volume Independents Company Business Name  
High-Volume Independents Address Physical Address  
High-Volume Independents City Physical City  
High-Volume Independents State Physical State  
High-Volume Independents Zip Physical Zip  
High-Volume Independents Phone Phone Number  
High-Volume Independents Fax Fax Number  
High-Volume Independents Website Website  
High-Volume Independents Email Company Email  
High-Volume Independents Contact Name Contact Name  
High-Volume Independents Contact Title Contact Title  
High-Volume Independents Contact Email Contact Email  
High-Volume Independents Sales Annual Sales  
High-Volume Independents Emps Number of Employees  
High-Volume Independents DBA Doing Business As Name  
High-Volume Independents Delivery Delivery Available? Yes/No
High-Volume Independents Takeout Takeout Available? Yes/No
High-Volume Independents CaterOn Catering Available? Yes/No
High-Volume Independents Banquet Has Banquet Facilities? Yes/No
High-Volume Independents Music Has Music? Yes/No
High-Volume Independents POSEquip Point-of-Sale Equipment Used  
High-Volume Independents LiquorServed Type of Liquor Served Beer/Wine/Liquor
High-Volume Independents Seats Number of Seats  
High-Volume Independents SeatsOut Number of Seats Outside  
High-Volume Independents SeatsBar Number of Bar Seats  
High-Volume Independents SeatsBqt Number of Banquet Seats  
High-Volume Independents CkBrkfst Average Check for Breakfast  
High-Volume Independents CkLunch Average Check for Lunch  
High-Volume Independents CkSupper Average Check for Supper  
High-Volume Independents CkBrunch Average Check for Brunch  
High-Volume Independents PDistrib Primary Foodservice Distributor  
High-Volume Independents CCards Type of Credit Cards Accepted  
High-Volume Independents MAddress Mailing Address  
High-Volume Independents MCity Mailing City  
High-Volume Independents MState Mailing State  
High-Volume Independents MZip Mailing Zip  
High-Volume Independents Year Year Established  
High-Volume Independents FoodType Type of Foodservice  
High-Volume Independents MenuType Type of Menu Served  
High-Volume Independents ParentCo Parent Company  
Foodservice Distributors Company Business Name  
Foodservice Distributors Address Physical Address  
Foodservice Distributors City Physical City  
Foodservice Distributors State Physical State  
Foodservice Distributors Zip Physical Zip  
Foodservice Distributors Phone Phone Number  
Foodservice Distributors Fax Fax Number  
Foodservice Distributors Website Website  
Foodservice Distributors Email Company Email  
Foodservice Distributors Contact Name Contact Name  
Foodservice Distributors Contact Title Contact Title  
Foodservice Distributors Contact Email Contact Email  
Foodservice Distributors Units Number of Units Owned  
Foodservice Distributors Sales Annual Sales  
Foodservice Distributors FsAccts Number of Foodservice Accounts  
Foodservice Distributors Food Sells Food?  
Foodservice Distributors Equipmnt Sells Equipment?  
Foodservice Distributors Supplies Sells Supplies?  
Foodservice Distributors Restrant Sells to Restaurants?  
Foodservice Distributors InstAcct Sells to Institutional Accounts?  
Foodservice Distributors Grocery Sells to Grocery Stores?  
Foodservice Distributors CStores Sells to Convenience Stores?  
Foodservice Distributors Vending Sells to Vending?  
Foodservice Distributors IntOrder Has Online Ordering?  
Foodservice Distributors BuyGroup Buying Group Names  
Foodservice Distributors TrdeArea Trading Area  
Foodservice Distributors DistCent Has Distribution Center?  
Foodservice Distributors DstrbCtr Distribution Centers  
Foodservice Distributors Canada Sells to Canada?  
Foodservice Distributors GrpTrdNm Group Trading Names  
Foodservice Distributors MAddress Mailing Address  
Foodservice Distributors MCity Mailing City  
Foodservice Distributors MState Mailing State  
Foodservice Distributors MZip Mailing Zip  
Foodservice Distributors Year Year Established  
Foodservice Distributors ParentCo Parent Company