What Is A Database?


What Does A Database Do?

A database is almost a requirement in every industry now to be successful. But what are they and what do they actually do?

What Is It?

A database, in the simplest of terms, is where you store data. The goal is to have the data in one spot, logically organized and easily searched and retrieved. That last bit is the most important part. Without the ability to retrieve data, the storage of data is useless. Perhaps the best example of a database that you have already come into contact with is a library card catalogue or a census. Information is collected, sorted, and made searchable. For business, the storage of information on things like warehouse stock, customer contacts, and jobs in progress is key. Using technology to accomplish these tasks is the only way forward.
Databases have many parts
Databases have many parts

What Makes A Database

A basic database is made of records, fields, and columns. Each of these stores a different part of information. Each column will have a title like ‘Location’ and this column will store each records individual piece of data for that title. Each of these little pieces of information is a field. One record can have several fields. For example if we wanted to enter in a customers name, email address, and what they purchased – that would count as one record with each pieces of information serving as a field which is searchable by the title in the column. Think of it like a very basic spreadsheet and you’re good to go!

This Sounds Complicated

Because it is! Of course with technology there are lots of detailed ins and outs, but the important thing to remember is it can help drive your business to success. While it may seem intimidating hiring an expert or using a company to help is the best way to go. To be a master of databases many people study for years and obtain many certifications, so it is ok if you don’t completely understand how they work or the code behind them.

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