Stay Successful With Food Distribution Trends

Food distribution

Food Service Distribution: Keeping Up With Trends

Food Distribution: As times and social trends change, so does the way we choose, distribute, and sell food. These are the top two influences on food service distribution right now – so read on to better prepare your business. Also think about using our Foodservice Distributors Database to continue growing your business and profit.

How we distribute food is becoming a big selling point for customers
How we distribute food is becoming a big selling point for customers


Everything from service at a checkout in a store to online response times needs to be fast. Your customers expect it! With the used of technology and the internet demand for fast service has increased. ‘Grab and Go’ type offerings continue to grow in popularity due to their convenience. Customers want something quick and they want it now. Make sure your business is set to distribute certain foods quickly and in some cases with automation if you want success. In particular having a ‘order and pick up’ or delivery service is the best way to reach your market.

Customer service and response time also needs to be fast. It’s key to be able to communicate with your customer almost instantly in this digital age to keep reviews up and grow customer bases. Not responding can be a social media and review disaster. Make sure you respond quickly with solutions for your customers when they reach out to you

Alternatives to traditional service or shopping experiences are also on the rise with major companies offering curbside pickup options for groceries selected online to save customers time. As previously mentioned, delivery options and ‘pick up’ options are growing in popularity. Offering these directly through your business will make you more money than allowing a third party service to manage it.

Food distribution needs to be quick with a wide variety of options
Food distribution needs to be quick with a wide variety of options


With globalization continuing to impact consumer choices it has become fashionable to eat food that is not local. It has also been trendy to eat out of season food like berries and apples in winter. Customers want variety, and they want it to be fresh. Many are willing to pay extra too! It may be difficult to ensure you offer enough international variety that is fresh, and it may be pricey. But the key to success is to continue to offer variety!

In addition to global options, many customers are now turning to eco-conscious sources of food. Or sometimes they participate in special diets such as gluten-free or vegan. Offering food distribution options for these customers is key to keeping your current customer base and growing the rest of is as more and more people participate in these diets to be part of a trend or a cause.

Food Distribution is a tricky but important part of the foodservice industry. Our databases are top notch and have been collated and used since 1988! In addition to our distributors database we also have the Chain Restaurant Database and the High Volume Independent Restaurants Database.