Foodservice and Data

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Foodservice Data Use

Supervisors in the foodservice market have lots of responsibilities – many of which can be helped with a suitable application of data and databases! Using data in the foodservice industry can help grow business and increase profits.

Data Helps Management

Running any sort of business today requires high levels of organization and technical literacy. Businesses, and especially food-related businesses are growing exponentially and it can be hard to keep up and stay in the game. Data and databases help manager do everything from organize stock to schedule workshifts. Knowing how to use data is key to keeping your restaurant well managed. Data also helps with marketing management. Having a reliable foodservice database means your company can grow itself into franchising or into being a high volume independent restaurant. Keeping track of vendors, employees, trade shows, equipment, stock, and more has never been easier with the use of databases. High levels of organization opens many opportunities for growth as you will have up to date information on the status of your company at all times.
Using a foodservice database increases sales and customer loyalty
Using a foodservice database increases sales and customer loyalty

Learning To Use Data

It takes more than just having data to make a business run smoothly. A good database helps you analyze your business. Looking at your business and seeing when your slow days are, what menu items are not performing well, and which specials are topping the charts gives you the opportunity to boost sales. You can create simple spreadsheets for this task, or utilize professional software. Many restaurants use different apps to measure productivity too so do your research. Learning databases is often daunting for newcomers. Never fear! Executive education programs are an excellent way to get introduced and learn these skills. Knowing how to analyze and work with data will help you to go far and beyond and achieve success. There are even online courses that can help you learn these skills on your own – and some are even for free! Analytical skills are crucial when using databases, so take the time to familiarize yourself with them. In addition to learning how to use a database in your foodservice establishment, you will need to learn to use data from other companies. This data helps you find vendors, identify your target audience and market, and shows what you need to do to improve. Using databases from companies like Foodservice Database Company helps you sell your products and learn about your competitors. Restaurants only succeed when they have returning and regular customers as well as new visitors. Database use transforms how you see and interact with your clients and vendors. Take the time to learn how to use them to your advantage!  

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