Franchisors Used As A Source Of Financing! Yes, That’s Right!

Franchisors As A Source Of Financing

Franchisors As A Source Of Financing

Although not considered a standard source of funding for franchisees, numerous franchisors offer funding. Throughout the existing recession numerous franchisors are finding ways to use a monetary boost to brand-new franchisees. Here is some prompt info relating to franchisor funding. Are you new to franchising The first step in recognizing whether a franchisor supplies financing is to review the Franchise Disclosure File (FDD) and in specific Item 10. This area of the FDD deals with franchisor funding. Another approach is to simply ask the franchise sales individual if the franchisor offers funding. Following are examples of financing that franchisors offer:

Financial obligation Financing

A significant variety of franchisors offer funding either straight or through 3rd parties. In the numerous cases this financing is for equipment packages or property for the franchise place. There are franchisors that will hold the prime lease and develop the area. The franchisee will then sign a sub-lease with the franchisor that consists of the basic rent plus leasehold improvements. This arrangement unburdens the franchisee from having to get the additional working capital for buying the land and/or establishing the website. Another example of franchisor financing is for the devices plan that might be leased from the franchisor directly or from a renting business that the franchisor deals with. As soon as again renting the equipment gives funding for the franchisee. In the majority of cases, these types of plans are typically found in franchises that require a considerable financial investment, such as upwards of 3 hundred thousand dollars. Most often discovered in the restaurant or hospitality industries.

Franchisors Financing the Purchase of the Franchise

There are franchisor’s that provide direct funding through the use of a promissory note. The note and its terms must be revealed in the Franchise Disclosure Document. The note may be utilized to fund a portion of the franchise charge or beginning stock that is purchased from the franchisor. A more current practice by franchisors to emerge during the recent economic recession has actually been to discount the initial franchise charge. This method appears to be increasing in popularity as franchisors are looking to assist people buy their franchise. In the event a franchisor does not offer financing on a direct basis they may have the ability to help their franchisees in obtaining 3rd celebration financing.

Other Franchisor Financing Options

There are some franchisors willing to supply a type of funding on a minimal basis to a private with impressive credentials. Having run a number of franchise business I’ve come across a variety of franchise candidates with the skill, experience and desire for a specific franchise who didn’t have access to the necessary capital. In certain instances I discovered a method to accommodate their financial needs. One of the tools we utilized consisted of funding part of the franchise fee. I later on included this feature in our franchise disclosure file. Had some of these individuals not satisfied me and my management group with their credentials we would not assisted them. If you present yourself as a strong candidate to the franchisor however with restricted financing you might be happily shocked by the response of the franchisor. Franchisors who seek financing for their new franchise might have the ability to obtain funding from the franchisor. Be sure to check the FDD under Item 10 and compare the cost to franchisor funding to other sources. Be sure to check out our Foodservice Databases that can help grow your business! Very inexpensive packages for B2B!

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