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Restaurant layouts

All About Restaurant Layouts

Restaurant layouts: Take the time to do research on your layout before opening your doors. Restaurant layouts are critical to your success as a foodservice business!

Creating Restaurant Layouts

When evaluating different kinds of layouts, try to think of the reasons why it was made that way. Consider how the floor plan might be optimizing sales or service. The best way to create an optimal layout is to visit other similar establishments and take notes on what does and does not work. Bring a note pad and take notes on things that strike you as good ideas or ideas that create obstacles. Start to think about how you want the workflow of your own restaurant to be and use these notes to guide you!

Think About The Kitchen

A good streamlined layout is essential to the success of your business. But the main area of focus may surprise you! For the best results you will need to organize your establishment around the kitchen. Food and orders will need to go in and out of the kitchen fast, so optimizing access to this area will help you keep up with orders. Food is the heart of your business, so your kitchen should be the heart of your restaurant! A poorly designed floor plan that neglects the kitchen leads to many problems. Backups of food, slow service, difficulty for staff to move, and clutter in the restaurant are all symptoms of a poorly thought out layout. Take time to carefully collect data and think about how to optimize space while allowing easy access to the kitchen for the best results!
Restaurant layouts are key to how your business works
Restaurant layouts are key to how your business works

The Dining Room

The dining room is the next part you need to design a layout for. The dining room is where your customers will spend most of their time, so make it comfortable, stylish, and not too crowded. Be mindful of putting tables too close to the bathrooms, kitchen, or doors, as customers may not be comfortable there. Ensure there is plenty of space between tables too! Tables that are too close together will not only annoy customers but will make things difficult for your staff. Your dining room is your other make or break space in your restaurant. If customers are uncomfortable they will not return, likewise if the staff are unable to do their jobs they may quit or upset customers with slow service. A floor plan with seating options for both large and small groups, areas that are more private, and plenty of room for your staff to move around is your best option. Be sure to take into account what sort of restaurant you are though! A coffee shop will have different restaurant layout needs from a pizza parlour or high end dining establishments.

Think About Your Business

A restaurant can be a rewarding and profitable business – even as part of a chain of restaurants or franchises – but in order to turn a profit you need to think about the logistics behind the business. Considering your needs for space, movement, and atmosphere helps you succeed in the long run, and taking the time to think things through regarding your layout is truly a key to success! You can hire professional planners if you need to, or invest in software that lets you create floor plans so you can test out different ideas before buying supplies. Remember, your restaurant layout will have a visual impact on your customers when they walk in, and first impressions are everything. By planning ahead, doing your research, and considering your options, you can build a thriving restaurant business!

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