March Marketing Ideas

March Marketing Ideas

March Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

March can be a busy time for restaurants so here are some March restaurant marketing ideas! Attract new business while encouraging regular customers to return with fun ideas to celebrate the arrival of spring!

March Madness

March Madness is a great way to get customers to visit your restaurant throughout March. Have a special selection day menu or event, then encourage customers with deals on food. Appetizers and drinks will be your best sellers for this national event. You can also host a finals event with things like trivia and prizes, and be sure to use a hashtag or have your customers tag you in their social media to spread the word!

Pi Day

Calling all math and science fans – and all dessert lovers! Pi Day is March 14, as it is the start of the number pi – 3.14. Marketing ideas for Pi Day can include dessert specials, deals on things like pizza pie or chicken pot pies, and even social media contests. Pi day is a great and goofy holiday that you can get creative with in terms of promotions. Pi day can be a great day for family and kid special meals too – the sky is the limit with this one – just make sure to offer some great desserts!
Have fun with dessert themed Pi Day in March to attract a crowd!

St. Patrick’s Day

Almost every bar or restaurant can embrace the luck of the Irish for a day – in some areas of the country this will be one of your busiest days! Drinks, appetizers, and any Irish classics like corned beef and cabbage will be your big sellers. Have live Irish music, decorate with plenty of green, and encourage your guests to celebrate and join in the fun! Be sure to have special promotions for guests wearing green, and consider some pub traditions like a pub quiz! Remember, you will have lots of competition for St. Patrick’s Day – so it’s important to get the word out early on that you will be having an event – and to be sure unique dishes and events will be held!

First Day of Spring

Celebrate the return of sunshine and warm weather on March 21 with specials designed around spring! Special drinks, fruit based desserts, and lighter fare are all guaranteed to get your customers to ‘think spring’. Marketing ideas for spring in general are great as you can space them out over time too! Have a countdown to the first day of spring with different menu items revealed each week, or just release new seasonal favorite on the 21 with special deals. Use florals for inspiration with drinks and desserts, and incorporate more vegetables into your mains for a more seasonal feel. This is also a great time to decorate after a long cold winter! Whether you are a restaurant franchise or a high volume independent restaurant, marketing and knowing your customers is key to success. You’ll also want lists of vendors and other information to help your business grow and run smoothly. Foodservice Database Company has been in business since 1988, offering you the best and most up to date data in the foodservice industry. Use our databases to boost sales and get better deals on supplies, food, and more!

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