What You Need On Your Menu

Restaurant Menu

How To Make Your Menu

You can’t have a restaurant without a menu! Successful High volume restaurants have great looking menus that make customers want to come back for more. Read all about creating, designing, and selecting items for your menu with us and get the top tips that will help your restaurant be a success.

Designing Your Menu

Think of your menu as an easy way to interact with your customers. It’s simplicity or complexity will impact your success. Lots of options can be overwhelming, fonts that are hard to read can be frustrating, and a layout that doesn’t flow means your customers might not see all you have to offer. Think about how you can make a menu simple and efficient. By considering efficiency you can appeal to your customers more.

Appropriate Look

Menus ought to be created to enhance your idea, area or style. If your restaurant has a theme – make your menu part of it! There are numerous methods to do this consisting of photos, art work, typefaces and color choice. Again, consider readability and ease of use. If you can’t easily read or find something then it doesn’t matter how cool your menu looks!

Various Places to Put Menus

Not every menu is a folder these days. Some places have a single sheet of paper or cardboard, others list food items on a board on the wall. Others use electronic devices at the table. Think of creative ways you can place menus for customers to easily see and choose more items from. You can even leave a drinks menu on the table after removing the food menu to boost sales.  
Your menu should accurately describe your food
Your menu should accurately describe your food


Explain each meal in one sentence if possible. Attempt to make these descriptions short, detailed and attracting while detailing all of the primary components at the exact same time. You might likewise let the restaurant understand how the meal is ready or how it exists.Be sure to list allergens too!

Other Important Details

If your menus can be printed cheaply you might as well let consumers take them away if they want to. Including your opening hours, address, site and phone number to encourage future reservations. Put your hashtags, twitter handle, and instagram name on here too for more publicity! Also consider options like laminating menus to keep them clean – this is a detail that is often overlooked. No one wants a dirty piece of paper or crumpled menu – choose a sturdy material you know you can keep in good condition if you plan on reusing menus!

Upgrading Menus

Make modifications to your menu every 6 months approximately. Keep in mind of the meals that offer well and think about including them more plainly on your menu. Remove items that are not selling well in favor of new tasty dishes that will keep you customers engaged and excited.


If you utilize images of your meals then they need to be served looking as near what is depicted as possible. If you are listing nutrition information be careful to make the portion sizes as close to what is advertised as possible too. This not only builds trust with your customers, but keeps you from getting bad reviews and even lawsuits. Also be aware that your menus are the first impression for many guests. Check for spelling errors and grammatical errors before having them all printed! This gives you a perfect and polished look for your customers.  

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