Online Food Ordering and Delivery: Growing Your Business

Online food ordering

How Online Food Ordering Grows Your Business

More and more, customers are turning to the internet for online food ordering. This process has increased competition between restaurants – make sure your business stays on top by including an online food ordering option – here’s why!

Happy Customers

Whether we like it or not – eCommerce is now a part of our daily life and economy. eCommerce allows for fast and easy purchasing and makes customers happy. It encourages repeat business due to its simplicity. From smart phones to facebook, online access to daily needs is commonplace for your customers. Many brick and mortar only buildings can be perfectly successful without an online ordering option, however, they are not as likely to attract high volumes of customers. Sometimes customers would rather have a pick up or delivery option for your meals than having to deal with the hassle of going out.

Fewer Disappointments

Your customers will be able to order their food and not have to wait. The ability to deliver food on time, hot, and as ordered helps your customers trust and value your business. Building this trust keeps you as a top choice for your customers too! While sitting at a table can mean waiting a long time for food, service that isn’t great, or a kitchen mix up, online food ordering means the opposite.

Extend Your Hours

Your entire restaurant doesn’t need to be open 24/7 for you to profit from online food ordering. Use delivery options to extend your hours of service after your doors close. While the staff closes the dining areas and re-sets it for the next day, your kitchen can still make orders for an hour or two for delivery.
Online food ordering can increase your profit!

Attract New Customers

Having a delivery or pick up service that is reliable and online attracts new customers. Customers will be drawn to the convenience factor of your restaurant. Being able to pick up food on the way home or delivered to the home saves customers time. In our busy world many customers will value the time saved from buying a pre-cooked and easily delivered meal. An online ordering service sets you up for success as new customers will want to try your food as it’s easy, fast, and convenient.

Simple Set Up

Setting up an online menu with an ordering option is easy these days! With apps that specialize in online food ordering you can create and set your menus in minutes! You can also add features like a delivery radius (a set number of miles you’ll deliver to) and special coupons and deals that will attract customers even more to your store! Use social media and the web to post deals for first time customers too. For the amount of time and money it costs to add this feature to your web site, the return on investment can be substantial. Make sure you make any ordering system mobile friendly as many customers order from phones and tablets instead of computers.

Higher Profit

Having a pick up and delivery option saves YOU money and increases your profit. You will be able to make money on customers who want to have the experience of dining out as well as the customers who want to dine in at home. This is a popular solution for  many chain restaurants and helps them grow their revenue. Being able to tap into 2 markets of customers is valuable to you as a business owner. In addition to serving 2 kinds of customers, you also will be able to make more money because instead of waiting for tables to open or pay wait staff, you will only need a small staff of delivery drivers and a pick up space in your restaurant.

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