Restaurant Marketing Tips

Restaurant marketing

Tips for Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing is key in this industry. There are many other restaurants out there to compete with, here are some things to think about to be at the top of your game!

Set A Goal

Be reasonable, but set a goal. How many customers do you want on average per week? What sort of sales do you think you can feasibly attain per month? Set gradual goals to build your customer base – remember to start small and work your way up so you can be a high volume independent restaurant.


Marketing isn’t free! Give yourself a budget for how much you will spend on print marketing, social media marketing, and ads. Do your best to not go over this budget – but make sure you set aside a decent amount though!  Be careful and deliberate about your advertising campaigns, and try to stick to marketing in areas you know you are most likely to get the most success. You will need to spend a little bit of money here in order to reach customers who simply may not know you exist.
Proper restaurant marketing can increase your sales
Proper restaurant marketing can increase your sales

Figure Out Your Customer Base

This is perhaps the hardest part of any restaurant owners task. You can’t do restaurant marketing without an idea of your audience! Who are your target customers? Foodies who are looking for hip and trendy fusion food? Regular customers who just want a simple steak and potato? Do you want to be a chain restaurant? Ask yourself the target age group, income bracket, and interests to figure out how to best reach your customer base. Foodservice Database Company has been providing top quality data for over 20 years! We have databases designed to help your company grow to its fullest potential. From resources about high volume independent restaurants to foodservice distributors, we are here to help!

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