Making Your Restaurant Website

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You Need A Restaurant Website

Ask yourself about your restaurant website: Is it up to date? Does it help you make money? If not – you need to put it to work! Just like an employee your website needs to be working for your business.

Properly Running Your Restaurant Website

To run your website properly you will need to understand how to keep an eye on your web traffic and what metrics are. Digital users discover your website in one of 3 ways:
  • Users type your Web address from an advertisement, on your product packaging or in other places.
  • They search online and your name shows up – this is the most common.
  • They click a link to you from another site whether it be a blog, travel, review, or ad site.
Using a tracking program and analytics help you figure out where your online traffic is coming from. It also keeps you up to date on your customers so you can reach them easily. If your customers are primarily from searches – learn what keywords have driven them to your site and use SEO to improve traffic. Search words and particular keywords are critical to online traffic and success. With the appeal of restaurant-review online neighborhoods there’s a great opportunity to be talked about, and the link to your business is conveniently placed. Encouraging customers to leave good reviews can help you increase your online traffic and therefore your customer traffic. Using analytics will also help you see if the other sites you may pay to feature on are working or not. You can make decisions then if you want to continue those services if they are not being fruitful.
Running your restaurant's website needs to be a priority
Running your restaurant’s website needs to be a priority

Use Free Software!

Where Do I Get This Information? The majority of website hosting businesses have analytics software already but it may be hidden. Ask your provider how to find and activate it After you have analytics and tracking activated these are the things you need to look for:
  • Special visitor count – the variety of various individuals that have actually taken a look at the website
  • Repeat visitor count – variety of those individuals who went to once again
  • Referring website – what other websites are connecting to yours
  • Browse expressions – what customers are typing into Google, Yahoo and MSN to discover your website and business
  • Entry pages – what visitors initially see when they show up. (It’s not always your homepage!).
  • Exit pages – the last page a visitor saw prior to leaving your website.
With a good digital toolkit you can increase your business and see where you are most effective. Talk to your provider today to get started on streamlining your restaurant online! Do you have a product that you can sell to High-Volume Independent Restaurants? If you want to market a unique product, download our industry leading list here!

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