Selling Restaurant Supplies

Selling Restaurant Supplies

About Selling Restaurant Supplies

Stores selling restaurant supplies are not as common as people think – particularly brick and mortar ones. This is likely due to the specialized nature of the products being sold. Not everyone needs the heavy duty equipment that restaurants need. Restaurants and food establishments however, do.

Kitchen Supplies

Restaurants and cafes need special equipment and supplies in the kitchen to keep up with a high demand of customers. Simple everyday home kitchen supplies will not stand up to the task or last long before needing replacement or repair.

Many kinds of restaurant equipment is for commercial use only. This means a house would never need that item. Some examples of restaurant only needs are ice machines, chillers, preparation tables, drink machines, fryers, multi-purpose ovens, and heat lamps. When selling restaurant supplies it’s important to remember the value these specialized machines have to your customers. Their business cannot function without them – and many restaurant owners prefer newer more energy efficient devices that can handle more food requests if possible.

It’s not uncommon for restaurants to want custom sized and fitted equipment too. Being able to sell equipment of different sizes and heights is a huge advantage in the industry. If you pay attention to the needs of any restaurant and listen to your customers – selling supplies for the kitchen should be easy.

Your customers will also need supplies for the dining room!
Your customers will also need supplies for the dining room!

Dining Room Necessities

Selling dining room supplies is a little different. Supplies in the dining room has to fit the aesthetic of the restaurant and still help food look appealing. This is why few establishments use brightly colored plates or novelty glasses.

It’s important for most restaurants to have cost effective supplies in the dining room as guests or staff will sometimes break or damage them. Cutlery, tables, chairs, plates, and even salt and pepper shakers are needed for restaurants to be ready for guests. Most restaurants will be looking for clean looking and easy to store dining room supplies for their business. The sale of dining supplies can be a little more difficult as there will be more competitors for you on the market.

Higher end restaurants will want more expensive looking items for their guests, and some will even be looking to buy specialized serving equipment as well. It’s important to know what your customers will be serving their customers so you can make the right recommendation for supplies.

A thorough understanding of the food industry and your customers is the best way to have success when selling restaurant supplies. Whether you are selling for high volume independent restaurants or restaurant chains, you will only be successful by listening to your clients needs and coming up with creative cost effective solutions.