Using Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies


Tips For Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies

Eco-friendly means as a business or individual you focus on utilizing energy and water effectively, recycling, and selecting sustainable items. One significant action that can be taken as a business is to use eco-friendly supplies in your restaurant. This is a great way to boost sales as using these items sends out a message to clients and customers. By using eco-friendly supplies, and including the need to be green in your mission statement – you can boost sales and help the planet.

Appealing To Your Eco-Conscious Customers

Using materials that are made with plant-based or recycled products is easy!  It also minimizes the impact you have on regional garbage dumps and causes consumers to consider the containers they use on a routine basis. Using eco-friendly restaurant supplies is particularly important for places with a high traffic or take-away rate. Currently, many coffee shops and chains generate large amounts of waste – setting yourself apart from this trend helps you in the long run! Choosing eco-friendly options enhances your involvement with the community. Many customers feel better about a company that cares about the environment and  will spend money there. In addition to using eco-friendly items, you can shop local farms, breweries, and coffee providers. Sticking to local options helps you cut down on the carbon footprint of each meal. Shopping local also helps the community see more value in your establishment as you are giving back directly to them. As environmentally friendly movements grow in popularity these items are easier to acquire too! Supplies offered for restaurants are made from corn, sugarcane, and recycled products, letting you label yourself a green restaurant. Customers like care being taken when it comes to supplies and food. As not all restaurants take the environment into consideration you can carve out more of a niche. Finally, make sure you have an obvious recycling option in your restaurant. Offering customers a place to put the cans, glass, or plastics from their meal is an easy and obvious sign that you are committed to the environment. While this may sound very easy, it is surprisingly effective. Many of your customers already recycle at home, and they will feel good about being able to continue the practice when they are out to eat.
Eco-friendly restaurants separate their waste to help the earth
Eco-friendly restaurants separate their waste to help the earth

Ways To Help The Planet With Your Restaurant

Think about utilizing a garden compost bin at your facility. This enables you to gather natural waste that can be utilized to fertilize gardens or feed animals. Once again, this keeps nutrient-rich products from entering land fills, and shows your customers that you are running an eco-conscious business. If you have a farm to table establishment you can even use the compost on your own land to improve plant growth. Compost can be smelly to keep on site though, so look into third party options if necessary. Cutting back on the amount of disposable items also is key to being green. Use multi-use flatware and cutlery, and invest in energy efficient and water efficient machines. These are more subtle ways to have a green restaurant. But they also save you money! Not having to restock disposable items means less ordering and less money spent. Efficient washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens mean lower energy bills for you to pay. Being green can easily help you turn a profit with the right supplies.


Another way to be more eco-conscious in your restaurant is using recycled furniture. Have you ever thought about using cool, diverse pieces that can be discovered at antique stores and close-by thrift shops? Vintage and rustic looks are very stylish right now! Or you can get uniform plastic chairs that are made out of recycled materials that come in an array of colors. The possibilities are endless, and unique appearances that are eco-friendly are currently very on trend. It can also save you money since you are using used materials. Tables can also be made of recycled wood, as well as decor in general. Think about how you want your restaurant to look, and then search charity shops, antique stores, and eco-friendly suppliers to make it happen. Being able to label yourself green and eco-conscious is great for business! You can also have an eco-friendly decor by offering wall paintings or decor for sale. Many coffee shops do this with art, but other restaurants have been picking up on the trend. Selling decorative items keeps them out of landfills, and helps you get some of your investment back! Utilizing dining establishment materials that are recycled or recyclable – particularly if you are a chain restaurant – improves your reputation. Standing out and being labelled as eco-friendly, community focused, and a local supporter is not only good for the planet, but for your business! Your customers will love knowing that both they and the environment are valued and appreciated, and will be more willing to support you.

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