What Is Data


Fast Facts About Data

Data can seem tricky, intimidating, or just too complicated. Let us break down what data actually is so you can better use it in your business!

What is data?

Data is information that is stored and sorted in a computer. These little bits and pieces make up a whole set in a database that can be sorted by using what are called tables. Each small piece of information has its own spot in the table to be stored and searched for at a later time. A good and easy to understand example is customer information, where the pieces of data are the customer name, contact information, and date of visit.
Databases are powerful tools to grow your business
Databases are powerful tools to grow your business

How is a database useful?

In today’s tech savvy world data is key to running a business and staying on top of things. Databases help you determine things like customer demographics, busy times, and popular food items. Databases also help you organize your stock of food, staff schedules, and promotional deals. In addition to what data will do for you directly, it can also help you network! Databases of similar restaurants, food vendors and interior design vendors can help you grow your business faster. Foodservice Database Company offers the highest quality databases to help you with your foodservice business. We offer a high volume independent restaurant database, a foodservice distributor database, and a chain restaurant database to our customers to help keep them at the top of the industry.

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