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Digital Marketing

Some Digital Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

Digital Marketing: Competition is tough in the dining establishment market in today’s economy. Restaurant owners are gradually finding it harder to fill their tables. The economic crashes have hurt this industry – but if you are smart and resourceful you can be successful. Always remember, in today’s economy, eating out is a luxury and diners are always looking for the best options. Your first tip is to forget standard marketing – research shows that mobile marketing is the most efficient kind of promo in today’s world. Everyone is already consistently online or on their smartphone – so use digital marketing to your advantage. It ends up being cheaper than TV or radio spots, and cheaper than mailings too! For successful online marketing just think about these concepts and how you can use them in your business:

Keywords and Branding

Have a keyword for coupons, or a scan-able QR code. QR  and bar codes that result in coupons and discounts have been shown to be incredibly successful in attracting new customers. Everyone loves something free or discounted! This is particularly useful for chain restaurants with many franchises all over. Place your keyword or hashtag on all your advertising products, (site, dining establishment signs, service cards, invoices, signboards) and you’ll develop your opt-in database really rapidly. An opt-in database is invaluable as it is a group of people who already want to do business. The barcodes and QR codes can help you keep track of where people are using or finding your coupons, and help you target your audiences better.
Digital marketing helps your customers engage with your business more
Digital marketing helps your customers engage with your business more

Information Blasts

Use mobile and digital marketing to drive customers into your store. Send out email blasts with links to book a table for special events or discount nights. Create an online loyalty program where customers get emailed coupons. Use your opt-in database to increase traffic and therefore revenue. Be sure to use things like customer birthdays, special holidays, anniversaries, and more to send coupons and reminders to visit your restaurant. Using social media for this is great too as customers can just follow your account and see menu changes, special items and more while scrolling through their normal feed.

Your Own App

Establish an app for your dining establishment for download to mobile devices like phones and tablets. You can get discovered this way, and also set up services like delivery and pick up without having to use third party services. An app can also enlarge your database, track customer preferences, and put blasts right on their phone! While an app may take time and money to develop, if you are a chain restaurant it is worth it! Practically every high volume dining establishment has their own site, some are marketing by means of online video platforms, and many more are using social media and texts. Using these digital tools saves you money on standard marketing costs, while engaging and growing your audience. In a time when many people are looking for convenient food, good prices, and special deals, digital marketing is your best option.

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